Building Process

Building your new home is an exciting and important endeavor, and Davee Custom Homes wants the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The following overview outlines the typical steps in the construction of a home and will help you understand what to expect at key stages.

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1. get to know you

The building process begins with understanding your needs and desires. We want to make sure we design and build your home to suit your daily life. We want to understand how you entertain, your traffic flow throughout the home, where meals are served, the types of visitors you have, and even where your kids and their friends play. Knowing what is most important to you is key before moving forward onto the next phase of design.


2. design

The next phase of building is deciding on a design for your new home.  In the event that you've already obtained plans for your home from an architect or designer, we are happy to work with those.  We work with an architect and home designer who can create a home design to incorporate features that are most important and customized to you.



3. Determine a Budget

After designing your new home on paper, we will gather estimates from our construction suppliers and sub-contractors to determine pricing for your home based on your home specifications. Upon your approval and signed contract, we will immediately begin scheduling the home building process. 



4. Construction Phase

During the construction phase, David will personally supervise progress and work directly with our construction teams.  During this phase, you will make your interior and exterior selections.  We provide an interior designer to help you with these selections, if desired. Throughout the construction phase, David will keep you up-to-date on the status of your new home and will ensure that every detail of the home is addressed. This stage of the process typically takes between 8 - 12 months, depending on size of home.
















5. Move in

Finally, the most anticipated stage: moving in to your new custom home, designed and built especially for you. It brings us great joy to reach move-in day!